Web Design/Developing

Fuzzy Logic record label website

Fuzzy Logic Website

A multi-page static website for an independent record label, made with pure HTML and CSS. Bright colours and playful font choices reflect the creative nature of the record label and the artists it represents.

Built with: HTML5, CSS3

Gotta web app logo

Gotta Web App

Gotta helps your share your favourite things with your friends. Make a list of anything, then share it any way you like. Gotta uses the IMDB API to autocomplete lists of tv shows or movies, or copy and paste any URL to use header data to capture a thumbnail and description in your list.

Built with: React, Rails, PostgreSQL, Material UI

Demo Github
Listy web app logo

Listy Web App

Listy makes keeping track of things easy by auto-categorizing your entries for you. Just enter a movie, book, retaurant or product into the search bar and listy will place it in the correct list. Entries can be updated and re-categorized, and more information can be found by clicking on the info icon.

Built with: Javascript, jQuery, Node, SQL

Demo Github
Crawford Compliance website

Crawford Compliance Website

A multi-page static website for a business to business insurTech startup.

Built with: Wix


UX/UI Design

Un-Crowd Mobile App

The un-crowd mobile app is a hypothetical solution for over-crowded transit. Existing transit apps fail to factor in over-crowding when estimating which route is the fastest. Just because the streetcar is coming doesn't mean you'll be able to board it. Un-crowd would factor in historic levels of use based on date and times, as well as special events happening in the area that might affect usage levels. Based on user research that showed over-crowding was a significant issue for riders, un-crowd creates easy to understand screens that let users know which routes to take to avoid crowds.

Built with: Sketch, InVision


The Trap Domestic Violence Website

Domestic violence is a "wicked problem", one that has no easy solution and is tied to many other problems such as poverty. Through extensive research, I developed the Trap campaign as a way to educate people about the early warning signs of domestic violence, as well as clear up the common misconceptions.

Built with: Sketch, InVision, Illustrator


Graphic Design

Burst Branding

The Burst logo expresses the concept of creativity through architecture with it's angular and expressive design. Through the use of unusual colours and fonts paired with geometric shapes, the logo communicates the combination of creative expression and engineering that makes great architecture.

Built with: Illustrator

Stories from the Polycule Book Design

Stories from the Polycule is a 288-page paperback collection of essays, poems and comics exploring the experiences of different people living in polyamorous relationships. The cover presented the challenge of creating a complementary design for not just provided artwork but also custom lettering for the title. The overall design reflected the playful tone set by the cover illustration.

Built with: InDesign, Photoshop


Beacon Photo Essay

For this project I paired up with Toronto photographer Eric Brazier to produce a promotional showcase for his work, as well as tell the story of the classic Ontario roadtrip. Through images and creative typography we go on a journey through rural Northern Ontario, on a quest to the town of Wawa and it's mythical goose statue.

Built with: InDesign


ProClaim Newsletter

As part of its overall marketing campaign, the ProClaim Newsletter acted as a platform for Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. to showcase its expertise in the insurance claims adjusting industry. I created a clean, simple design that reflected the brand. Because photographs were often not available, I opted for simple custom illustrations which I created by adapting stock illustrations to our specific purposes.

Built with: Indesign, Illustrator