Graphic Design + Illustration

Pink Blob Logo Design


The Brief

My client was a musician launching a new music project called “Pink Blob”. He had a vision of the band’s logo as something that fused the trippy, psychedelic vibe of the 60’s with the look of 90’s techno band logos.

The Process

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I researched existing logos and typography from the 60’s and the 90’s, and then started sketching and exploring typographic options. Though there were some similarities between the two eras, they still remained fairly distinct, so finding a middle ground was tough.

Initial Concepts

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From my explorations I created an assortment of rough logos that attempted to combine 60’s and 90’s sensibilities. I created both hand-drawn and font-based concepts.


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We narrowed it down to two options and explored different versions of them. To match the feel of the music, I tried to keep the logo loose, playful and weird. This had to be the opposite of a corporate logo, so I was careful not to refine them so much that the most interesting aspects of them were lost.

The Final Product

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In the end the stretched out logo was chosen because it was the most successful in combining the 60’s and the 90’s, with its wavy psychedelic lettering combined with the 90’ style P and B’s. I created both a solid and outline version to allow the logo to work in a wide variety of contexts.

For the album cover, my client wanted to create bombastic 3D designs. I created three different interpretations of the logo in Blender, one for the album cover and two for singles that were released seperately. The images reflect the bizarre and experimental quality of the music.